We offer skull cleaning services to hunters and farmers looking for European-style mounts.  At this time our services are only limited to the skull cleaning. Degreasing, bleaching and mounting are the owners responsibilities.

We use a colony of dermestid beetles to clean skulls. Dermestid beetles are a naturally occurring species of scavenger beetle found across North America. They clean skulls through the process of skeletonization – only feeding on animal flesh. The beetles can access all the small cavities of a skull, which means a neater process, and no risk of damage, especially the nasal cavity. Skulls processed through other methods like boiling are at risk to weak suture lines, loosened teeth, discoloration, and antler shrinkage.


$30  small game (raccoon, fox, badger,etc.)

$40  medium horned animals (deer, ram, goat, antelope)

$55  large game (bison, elk, cattle)