We buy local birds, and our feed is locally-grown and non-gmo. Our poultry is frequently let out to pasture, but due to our small set-up, they must sometimes be confined to their penned area. We are continually working on our farm set-up to allow more pasture time for our birds.

One-on-one Turkey Processing Class

This year we are offering a special opportunity to all of our turkey customers. In addition to your pasture-raised bird, you can sign up for a one-on-one butchering class to experience and learn how to process your own turkey. We will sell you a live bird, and you come out to the farm to have Ammon guide you through the entire process. He is an excellent teacher- you can do as much or little of the processing as you would like. You will go home with your turkey, gizzards, legs and the important experience of the transition of meat from farm to plate.
You must purchase a turkey to sign up for the class.

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