Buyers Club

What is the Buyers Club?

The Buyers Club lets you select the products you want, and pick them up at your designated location! Each Sunday morning you’ll receive a “fresh sheet”, and you can do your grocery shopping for the week. Orders must be placed by 8 pm Monday evening for pick up during the week.

What’s the difference between the CSA and Buyers Club?

The CSA is a pre-paid, pre-selected option. CSA members automatically receive their shares each week.

The Buyers Club is selected weekly by the customer. There is a minimum $15 order, but no maximum. It allows the buyer to pick exactly what they’d like for the week.

Pick up locations and times are the same for CSA and Buyers Club. CSA members can also add extra products to their orders through the Buyers Club.

Is there a cost to join?

There is no charge to be part of the Buyers Club!

How do I join?

Email us at to request to be placed on our BC email list! You’ll get a fresh sheet email when products are available.