Hen and Hare is a locally-owned and operated microfarm in South Boise. Jess and Ammon bought their property in 2017 to expand their garden, chickens and rabbitry. They have just two acres for their pasture, garden and food forests, barns and their home. They hope that the microfarm can inspire small-acreage owners to make the most of their land. It doesn’t take much to start producing even a little food for yourself, and with a bit more space you can produce food for a community.

Meat Rabbits

We feed local alfalfa pellets, hay and lots of weeds and veggie scraps to our rabbits. Proper animal husbandry and care is a top-priority. Recently we constructed a straw bale barn on our property to house the rabbits. This system provides year-round protection from heat, cold, predators and other startling stimuli.

Pasture-Raised Turkey and Chickens

The barn is dual-purpose, and also houses our brooder set-up for chicks and poults in the spring. We raise heritage breed poultry, not fast-growing Frankenbirds. Our feed is also locally-sourced. We create a custom blend of peas, barley and millet for our birds – no corn or soy. All birds have access to our one acre pasture during the day, and are safely locked up at night to keep them away from predators.



The farm also includes a natural apothecary line. We dedicate most of our gardens to medicinal herbs. We harvest and dry them throughout the summer so we can use our stores throughout the winter. Our product line includes healing, beauty, calming, new momma


We’ve been slowly chipping away at the manicured grass monoculture (our lawn) and incorporating a broader selection of plant species on the farm. We encouraged clover to grow in the lawn. Masses of shrubs have been replaced with flowering trees and bushes for food forests, and we’ve converted large sections of lawn into more garden spaces for herbs and vegetables.