Hen and Hare is a locally owned and operated microfarm in South Boise. We are Jess and Ammon-both with off-farm jobs. We hope our microfarm can inspire small-acreage owners to make the most of their land. It doesn’t take much to start producing even a little food for yourself, and with a little bit more you can produce food for a community. We have just two acres of pasture, garden and food forests, plus our home.


About our practices and products:

Eggs & Poultry | We buy local birds, and our feed is locally-grown and non-gmo. Our poultry is frequently let out to pasture, but due to our small set-up, they must sometimes be confined to their penned area. We are continually working on our farm set-up to allow more pasture time for our birds.

Rabbits | We feed pellets, hay and lots of weeds and veggie scraps to our rabbits. Proper animal husbandry and care is a top-priority. The rabbits enjoy a shaded, misted rabbitry in the summer, and get tucked in under extra protection from wind and cold during the winter. We are working on a pastured set-up for them.

Cattle | Daisy & Parsley are pastured on one acre, and enjoy extra hay during the winter months.

Produce | We are not certified organic, but we use organic practices in our growing methods. Certification takes time and money, and we believe it’s the intention that is more important than the certification for healthy food. We use organic, non-gmo seeds, purchase certified organic starts, blend in compost, and use our hens and muscle to clean out the gardens each year. We also try to disturb our soil as minimally as possible.